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Yen Min Truong

Raise Hope Create Happiness (RCHC)

Yen Min Harley Truong is an extroverted and “go-getting” high schooler with an entrepreneurial spirit specializing in marketing. Apart from having completed a multitude of marketing internships and extracurriculars, she is currently a founder of her own social enterprise (Raise Hope Create Happiness) - a non-governmental organization aiming at helping underprivileged children by creating recreational and educational opportunities for them. 

She believes that everyone has his or her own milestone in life, especially during his or her formative years of childhood. Whenever she takes her trip down the memory lane, she would see herself as a naughty child many years ago. To be honest, she had so many bad habits and made a lot of mistakes; that is not to mention the fact that she was stubborn and hurt her family members many times. If her memory serves her right, the biggest mistake in her childhood was to “permanently borrow” money from her grandma in order to buy toys and candies. This has been rectified later in her life. 

From her experience, she believes that wasting time is her most regrettable mistake when growing up. Easily distracted from schoolworks and lessons, she usually did her own business during the lessons at school such as drawing on the notebook, playing with some mini models and so forth without concentrating on the teachers’ words. Moreover, she was easily bored and fell into a bad habit of laziness. Assignments were one of the most horrible things to me, school tasks were tedious and imagining being in class made me feel like staying at home for the whole day. Time flies, one year passed and two years passed, and she has received multiple bad scores and negative feedback on her scholastic achievements. What changed her time squandering was her failure in an English competition when she was in grade eight. At that moment, she realized how superficial she was and how she wasted time to enhance her knowledge. She set her plan and goals and started to be hard-working. Thanks to her regret and great incentive, she gradually broadened her horizon and accomplished many significant achievements until now.

At the moment, she is having some difficulty with time management. Being an ambitious person, 24 hours per day is not enough for her. Besides having enough sleep, pursuing a balanced diet and working on exercises such as Yoga on a daily basis, she has an enormous amount of assignments and tasks to cope with. Everyday she comes up with a to-do list but never completes all things on the plan. She has learned to prioritize significant things and learn how to save time for more vital work such as learning by heart the poetry she has studied in Literature lessons so that she does not have to do it at home.

To pursue her passions or to be successful in the future, she has to set her targets and she is no exception. Her life-long dream is to be accepted to a world-class university - she  understands how challenging and exhausting the process is. Nevertheless, she believes that her hard work will pay off. She developed a love for marketing since she was in Grade 6 and she would one day aim to found her own enterprise in the long run. After a period of time, she discovered that she attends extra classes and joins extracurriculars not only for the university application process but also for her genuine interests as well as passions. Although she sometimes finds difficulty in some parts of the process, she promises herself to try her best and talk with her reliable teachers or mentors for advice whenever she has any problems and continue to self-improve. 

Yen Min Truong: TeamMember
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