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Martin Huang

Founder and Director,

Martin is an enthusiastic leader with a passion for journalism and socio-economic issues who believes that equal and accessible education is critical to making the world a better place. He is the Founder and CEO of EQUcation, focused on increasing equality and accessibility of education for all.

Growing up, Martin learned that working with the right community was essential for success. Being from an international school, he's worked with people with all kinds of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and personalities, which have led to at times unintended and unforeseen conflicts. He soon came to discover that learning to place responsibility and trust in the right people at the right times is a key life lesson - only those who truly appreciate and demonstrate care for one’s growth, one’s ways of thinking, and one’s learning can lead to positive and sustainable change.

In high school, Martin's favorite combination was one of athletics and humanities. Track and basketball was the perfect mixture: satisfaction gained from individual success with the warmth of a supportive team. As a bilingual student, Martin also loves contributing to the promotion of the English and Chinese language through his leadership in national honors societies for both: NEHS and NCHS.

Since a freshman, Martin has been contributing to Stepping Stones China, an NGO, as an intern and volunteer to teach disadvantaged children in rural China, as well as spreading awareness through their social media platforms. This planted the seed for his launch of EQUcation, an edtech platform through which minority children are able to share their stories for other organizations to use and connect to provide infrastructure reform. Through this organization, Martin aims to help minority children a) prepare for future foreign affairs engagement b) foster creativity and versatility and c) develop digital literacy skills to be involved in evolving technology industries according to Agenda 2030. 

In the future, he wishes to learn how to work with international communities, organizations, and forums, and an unforgettable experience of building collective quality education. From EQUcation’s perspective, Martin hopes to become a leader in education for minorities to provide them with more opportunities in life. At the age of 25, he wants to be respected and remembered for elevating the recognition and usage of EdTech in the status quo. 

Martin Huang: TeamMember
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