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Yanchen (Bill) Liu

Youth Advocate, 
Future of Aeropreneurship

Yanchen Liu, or Bill Liu, is determined to achieve his goals. He was interested in STEM related areas, and his unique life experience resulted in his sophisticated view toward the world.

Born and raised in China, he grew up under the influence of Chinese traditional culture. At Grade 9 his family moved to Hong Kong, and over there he started to get in touch with a brand new environment. He gradually realized the difference between Chinese culture and Western culture, enabling him to judge the world in a more nuanced perspective. His curiosity in STEM also benefited him in terms of logic and creativity. His ultimate goal is to dive deep into STEM and have a solid foundation in literature and humanities as well.

Currently his future career plannings focus on entrepreneurship and aerospace. He is deeply interested in aerospace technology due to his love of astronomy, astrophysics and celestial navigation. He hopes that by starting or engaging in a corporation that focuses on this area in the future, he can not only make his dreams come true, but also contribute to the development of the whole mankind. His dream is that people can have access to space in the foreseeable future, and deep space exploration can be conducted in a more efficient way with the help of new technology.

Besides STEM, he also pays attention to politics and the current world. To understand the world better, he spent time reading history books, and now he is planning to read some philosophical books as well. He tried to understand current world conflicts, ideology clashes and even further, the construction of society and the essence of human nature. He believed that these can help him better understand his role in the society and the purpose of his life.

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