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Egor Ledenev

Quantum Scape

Born in 2006 in Moscow, Egor Ledenev embarked on an extraordinary journey marked by academic excellence and diverse interests. Excelling in his early education, he transitioned to self-directed learning in the middle of sixth grade, dedicating himself to Olympiad-level preparation in mathematics and physics.


Concurrently, he delved into football, igniting a passion that would accompany him for years to come. Over time, his horizons expanded into economics and astronomy. His dedication bore fruit as he clinched top honors in the nation's most prestigious academic competition, the All-Russian Olympiad, multiple times.


In ninth grade, he set ambitious goals to represent Russia in astronomy and astrophysics, aspiring to participate in the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA).

Currently, Egor stands out among Russia's top talents, having earned a spot in the national team selection process. Despite being actively involved in the national team selection process, fate took an unprecedented turn as Russia was inexplicably excluded from the international competition, unlike other international Olympiads for various subjects.


In a pivotal move during 10th grade, this ambitious individual revolutionized their educational approach by enrolling in Letovo School, recognized by some as the best IB school in the world. Balancing his academic pursuits with a fervent dedication to football, Egor actively competes in the U19 regional league while simultaneously coaching goalkeepers in the academy where he honed his skills for five years.


His intellectual curiosity extends to scientific endeavors as he crafts a groundbreaking textbook on gravity. Moreover, for Quantum Scape, he is developing a multi-part educational program series on eight key concepts related to Theory of Everything to inspire other youth to collectively advance research, development and innovation in this important area. 

Looking ahead, Egor aspires to channel his passion for football into a career as an analyst for a professional team, while continuing his scientific exploration in the realm of physics.

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