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Alan Lok

Youth Advocate,
Future of Internationalism

Alan Lok is an insightful student fascinated by the world’s past and current affairs, be it about politics, history, or the world of business. He enjoys the fusion of such topics. Whether it be through his leadership of the school’s history and UNICEF club, personal blog or even the occasional Model UN conferences, on and off the court, the basketball doesn’t leave him as well. 

Hailing from Hong Kong, Alan has always been intrigued about his family’s split history and roots to get him to where he is now, in a privileged position able to receive an  international education. 

Alan’s  favorite growing up story was learning the story of his grandfather as he is fascinated about his upbringing and the role he was a part of in the Republican era of China. It is so meaningful and insightful to Alan at the same time because of his passion towards history and learning more about his family’s roots. It has inspired Alan to appreciate and learn more about our world’s current and past affairs. 

In and out of school, Alan aims to seek excellence. Academically, he keeps his intellectual curiosity fulfilled with SL English Lang and Lit, SL Math AI, and SL Chinese B. HL History, HL Business Management and HL Chemistry. Outside of studies, he is a competitive basketball player for both the school team and another organization, is a wellbeing ambassador for his school, and does Model UN occasionally. Furthermore, he leads the school’s history club, community service project with a foodbank, part of the UNICEF club’s leadership team, and runs a personal political blog on medium. 

Looking ahead, Alan wishes to major in political science, international relations or other government related majors from UCLA or USC (his dream universities). He hopes one day he can work for government level agencies and influence policy decision making at the highest levels.

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