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Xiyun Hu

Youth Advocate,
Future of Aerospace Engineering

Xiyun Hu is determined and ambitious when pursuing her goals and dreams. She hopes to combine her love for art and science while problem-solving in a career in aerospace engineering, and looks forward to one day founding her own start-up.

Ever since Xiyun was little, she had always loved the little details of life. From watching sunsets to stargazing, she discovered her passion for space from watching a shooting star while camping with her family. Her favorite quote is “ad astra per aspera” meaning “ to the stars through difficulties.” She is inspired by this quote to never give up and to challenge herself as it is the way to the stars.

As the president of the science club at her high school, Xiyun helps students who share her passion for science compete in competitions and conduct research. Xiyun has already achieved a national-level award in the Junior Science Olympiad of Canada in her first year of high school and hopes to continue to excel in the upcoming years. She loves playing chess in her free time as well as making mini clay figures. She hopes to continue to grow her club as well as her passion project that helps global issues.


Xiyun’s ultimate goal is to major in aerospace engineering or business at a world class university such as Harvard. Harvard University (her dream university). Afterward, she hopes to join a space agency such as NASA or SpaceX and conduct research aboard the International Space Station to help improve space travel and knowledge. Eventually, she dreams of starting her own robotics company that creates eco-friendly products that are affordable and benefit society.

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