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Zixuan (Angel) Xin

The Linguistics Club

Zixuan (Angel) Xin is a 14 year old teen advocate in the expression of languages, music and mathematics as a pathway to advance social justice and reduce inequalities. 

Growing up, she decided that she wanted to go to the United States to study in the future when she was in fifth grade, attending a summer CTY MUN-related program hosted in Rhode Island. The experience of being thrown into a completely new environment forced her to become versatile and independent. Ultimately, it taught her to fall in love with challenges. 

Currently in high school, Angel engages in a broad spectrum of activities to continue her professional and personal development. Through participating in mock trials tied to social justice, civil and criminal cases as well as global affairs, has taught her to further opine on what is right and wrong in the real world. At math club, she has developed a reputation as the “math” person, taking honors calculus-based statistics and joining every math competition and olympiad possible. She is the founder and president of the Linguistics Club, where she leads 30 members in deciphering and applying language-based skills and tools to real world outcomes. She is also active in writing: through sharing her opinions of international affairs in The Lawrence, and through storytelling in first person in international publications like Homeland Stories. Last but not least, she is a member of Girls Who Code, in the middle of authoring her first novel, and partakes in contemporary dance and philanthropic orchestra. 

Looking ahead, Angel aspires to involve more girls in STEM and reduce the impact of language barriers for all. All in all, she hopes to lift people up with her privileges through her education. 

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