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Albert Luo

Youth Advocate,
Future of Economics

Albert Luo, a freshman at Webb Schools in California, never gives up. Whether he's experiencing life-threatening situations or internal conflict, he always thinks optimistically and brings a positive attitude to society. His areas of interest lie at the intersection of economics, investment and performing arts. 


Albert has always tried to find his passion, something he is good at, or who he is. Despite trying countless activities, from swimming to golf to art, he was mediocre at best. As he watched his peers win metal after metal in different sectors of life, he couldn't help but wonder, "Where's mine?" Struggling with an identity crisis, he yearned for an affirmation of his individualism, something that he was good at. Then, one day, everything changed. Watching his mother work, he witnessed his mother sitting in front of a computer typing in numbers that, at the time, were just numbers to him. He asked her what she was doing, and she responded, "Investing in the stock market." Those two new words, stock and market, immediately perked up his tiny ears. While he didn't transform into a Warren Buffet overnight, he uncovered a newfound passion that resonated with him. Under his mother's guidance and his own passion, Albert embarked on a journey of investing, venturing into success. Yet, this path was not paved without effort; it demanded hours of research and relentless learning. Through this perseverance, he learned about a profound truth: true passion requires patience to excavate and unwavering dedication to cultivate. 


Today, he is a testament to the power of resilience and the profound reward of embracing one's true calling as he discovers his identity. His interest in economics never stopped growing as he continued to take on projects and interns to develop his passion into something further. In addition, he has found a new love in theater. He intends to spread this passion for theater by starting a non-profit that connects high schoolers to middle school theater for volunteering opportunities. In school, Albert is also an active member of the community. Being in multiple clubs, the badminton team, and serving as a freshman class president had taught him many lessons in both leadership and dedication, which he hopes will help him further find himself.  

In the future, Albert wishes to live in New York and make his passion for investing into his career while still being involved in theatrical endeavors. A message he hopes to leave is that success often does not come in a linear form but exponentially, so never give up. 

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