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Alexander Jinhao Wang

Hackpost Guide

Alexander Jinhao Wang is an inquisitive learner and an aspiring entrepreneur with passions for math and computer science. He is actively involved in an app he created called Hackpost Guide, with the goal to democratize education and make hackathons and coding more enjoyable. 


Growing up, Alex loves learning new things. His grandfather and grandmother fueled his love of learning by taking him to the library every day where he devoured books on all topics – history, science, biographies, and geography. 


He is a self taught web developer, where he learned from watching extensive Youtube videos. Right now Alex is involved in Hackpost Guide, a web app that he created to help hackathon participants be more prepared by walking them through guides with tips and tutorials. Alex uses his experience organizing and judging in local hackathons to help better target his audience. He is also an officer in his school’s math club, business club, and computer science club. 


Alex is also a project manager at the Competitive Programming Initiative (CPI), promoting competitive programming through resources such as the USACO Guide. He helps design the CPI curriculum, which is distributed to high school and college computer science clubs in over 200 schools around the world.  Alex is interested in web development, artificial intelligence, applied math, and design. 


Alex aspires to revolutionize the world using AI and applied mathematics. A concept that Alex appreciates is the realization that we inhabit a rock revolving around a hot gas ball, which in turn orbits a supermassive black hole. Considering our insignificance in the grand scheme of things, Alex believes we should utilize our limited time on Earth to make as significant an impact as possible for our fellow inhabitants.

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