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Yueming Alan Wen

Youth Advocate, 
Future of Engineers

Yueming Alan Wen is a well-rounded individual that participates in a number of extracurricular activities. You can find him winning numerous state level awards for clarinet and is also a member of the Bellevue High Tennis Team. Additionally, He also strives academically by consistently achieving high academic excellence throughout high school and taking a total of 14 AP classes. 

Alan was born in a vibrant metropolis abroad, and his adventures shaped his own identity. He came to the United States when he was nine years old and has spent his entire life in Seattle, Washington. Fascinated by the wonders of the STEM fields, Alan found peace and joy in the realms of physics and mathematics at a young age. This excitement not only propels him academically, but also serves as a motivator in his personal life.

He enjoys helping those around him outside of academic situations. He uses his engineering background to troubleshoot and repair air conditioners and refrigerators, bringing comfort to households and businesses alike. In addition, he oversees a number of activities sponsored by the "Asian American Society of Washington," which promote community involvement and empowerment.

However, Alan's interests extend far beyond science and community service. He is an avid clarinet player who finds harmony in the music he plays, and the tennis court serves as both a competitive and sociable environment for him. He is also fascinated by the Rubik's Cube, easily unraveling its intricate patterns to demonstrate his problem-solving ability. In short, Alan embodies a unique blend of intellectual curiosity, compassionate service, and diversified interests, demonstrating a life lived with purpose and enthusiasm.

Looking ahead, Alan wishes to attend a great engineering school, so that he can get the best education possible and use his knowledge and skills to achieve his goal of propelling the area of automation forward. 

Alan Wen: TeamMember
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