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Emily Chen

Youth Advocate,
Future of Neuroscience

Emily Chen has had a passion for Science since she was a child, urged on by her parents who majored in Genetics. However, in her first few years of middle school that interest extended into the fields of Neuroscience and Medicine, which she now wishes to pursue at university.

One of the most important things she keeps in mind is to continue exploring. Like Aristotle said, “The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know.” She realised that she shouldn’t be confined within the limits of her textbooks or syllabus, as there is a whole world to explore outside of that. 

To explore her interests, she has completed multiple Coursera courses, including the Neurobiology of Everyday Life, Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases etc. She also enjoys learning about mathematics and competes in the UKMT competition every year. In her free time, she likes to make handicrafts, which prompted her to co-lead a friendship bracelet making ECA with her other friends. Outside of school she also enjoys playing a variety of sports, especially badminton, something she wishes to play competitively.

In the future, Emily wishes to major in medicine or neuroscience, becoming a doctor or an academic researcher in the respective fields, where she can contribute to society through her research papers or practice in medicine.

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