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Kaiyuan Cheng

Youth Advocate,
Future of Investment

Kaiyuan Cheng is a self-driven person who possesses a wide spectrum of interests. For those who know him, he is a deep thinker, enjoying the process of conducting research and analysis into new topics he is exposed to through school and beyond. He enjoys both music and finance, and believes in finding a balance is key to long-term professional and personal growth. 

In 2018, he moved from China to Singapore and had to deal with significant language barriers and cultural differences allowing me to learn resilience in adapting to a new school and country. While he could not communicate well with his new friends at first in his first international school, over a few years, he persevered and was able to adapt and grow stronger through this new experience, which enriched his life with diverse perspectives.

Aiming to create long-term impact in whatever he chooses to do, Kaiyuan takes his time seriously and applies it to enrich his knowledge and skills in a diversified manner. At school, he is pursuing the fields of economics, mathematics and physics as his core focus. For extracurricular activities, he plays guitar, basketball and does some equity trading as part of his personal investment portfolio. When he travels, he likes to collect souvenirs, especially keeping currencies in bills from those countries. 

Looking ahead, Kaiyuan realizes that in order to tackle global issues such as poverty, food insecurity, debt crisis and pandemic preparation, an interdisciplinary approach is required. He also finds confidence that his generation will be able to step up and make a difference in these areas. Therefore, he sees what wishes to study in university to be elements and tools for problem solving rather than majors from an academic sense. In the long term, he wants to be a researcher and innovator and deliver sustainable solutions and impact to society.

Kaiyuan Cheng: TeamMember
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