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Archer Jin

Renzhong Reading Club

Archer Jin is currently a sophomore studying at Gunn High School in California. He is passionate about math and economics as well as helping his community through his non-profit work which donates to less funded school districts to facilitate accessible and inclusive educational opportunities. He is a student fascinated by the world of STEAM, whether it be math, engineering, science or arts. 

Growing up, the most important lesson he learned is what his parents needed to do in order to send him and his sister to the United States for a holistic education. This is meaningful to him because it taught him to be very grateful for these opportunities, and that he needs to work hard and fully realize his potential to provide the same for others in future generations. 

It is perhaps through this moment of clarity which led him to his education-driven initiatives. He is a youth leader of Silicon Valley Youth, a nonprofit organization aimed at helping impoverished school districts. He also serves as a co-founder of Renzhong Reading Club, another nonprofit organization which helps teach English, fosters the habit of reading original english books with chinese students, and curates charity drives towards various school districts. He also enjoys working with students from China and other areas to know about their experiences with education and school, and learn more from the diverse cultures. 

To pursue his intellectual curiosity, he has charted an interdisciplinary course involving Analysis H, FOOP, AP Chinese, Physics Education, English 10A, Chemistry H, and Cont. World History. He is currently self studying AP Economics, and he has attended an immersion program at UChicago on discrete mathematics. Understanding it is important to focus on physical health as well, Archer is engaged with water polo and swimming, including off-season clubs. At school, he is one of the founders of the App Dev club, and has taken part across various economics and business competitions. He has placed in the Top 10 in the Global Teen Investment & Business Competition and participated in the Wharton Global youth investment competition as well.  

Looking ahead, Archer wants to keep helping the society by doing things that allow impoverished school districts and areas to have more access to the education they deserve. He also wishes to continue building his passion in STEAM and share it with more people who might be interested, especially students in China.

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