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Daohan Hank Ze

Youth Advocate,
Future of Law

Daohan Ze, or Hank Ze, is a 16-year old student based in the UK, currently studying at Dulwich College. Fascinated by the crucial role that law plays in all aspects of society, he is passionate about using law to achieve social equality and justice on a long-term basis. 

One of Hank’s most important and meaningful lessons was learnt during his charity project last summer, in which he decided to write and sell a dessert cookbook. Although he encountered many challenges at each stage of the process, he used the opportunity to push himself out of his comfort zone, ultimately raising over $1000 for charity. Since this was Hank’s first experience of undertaking a major entrepreneurial project, it inspired him with the determination and drive needed to succeed in similar projects in the future.

Currently, Hank attends weekly sessions on law which not only immerse him in the legal theory of criminal and civil law, but also allow passionate discussion on contemporary legal issues. As a result, he has gained invaluable insight into some of society’s deep-rooted inequalities and power imbalances that affect legal procedures. In addition, Hank actively participates in his school’s Community Action programme, which involves teaching disadvantaged primary school students how to read; this has really fostered his passion for social justice.

At university and beyond, Hank hopes to study law in order to pursue a career as a corporate lawyer, and afterwards, leverage his experience gained to become involved in social entrepreneurship and systems change.

Daohan Hank Ze: TeamMember
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