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Yue Suri Lin

Team Lead,

Born in China, Yue (Suri) Lin is a 14 year old and is a creative, quick-witted, and fun-spirited person with lots of 'rebellious thoughts'. She believes that even the minority groups being oppressed should have the courage to stand up and fight for what they care for, live their lives to the fullest, and make an impact in key areas such as climate change. 

Growing up, Suri always felt that it's unfair that some humans get to harm other creatures or environments, simply because they  can't express their feelings like we can. When she was 10, she went to visit Greenpeace, and discovered ways humans could speak up for the animals and environments that can't speak out for themselves. Since then, she has realized that while it’s easy to feel sympathy, turning that feeling into action is much more difficult. Suri cites this experience to have motivated her in converting her feelings into real life actions.

Currently in middle school, Suri is currently engaging in debate, including British Parliament, on topics including animal protection and environmental subjects. She is part of the organization FLTRP, an active animal protection center volunteer, and the owner of a very cute parrot. For her, she takes a holistic view on the interconnectivity of global issues. First, gender inequality leads to climate change not being addressed and solved quickly enough. Second, poor children in underdeveloped countries are most affected by climate change. Third, this leads to their deprivation of certain rights they are supposed to have (food, education and healthcare). Subsequently, it means people are not going to focus that much on so-called ‘less important things’ like LGBTQ rights. The same applies to animal rogue protection, as people are less likely to have compassion for animals, since they are too busy solving their own problems. As such, and in conclusion, in order to put a stop to this overall problem, the world need to come together to solve climate change

In the near future, Suri hopes she can reach her goal of saving at least 20 animals, persuade 10 people to join in solving climate change, and convince 5 girls that women are essential in solving global warming. When she goes off to college, she wants to create an organization to bring youths in this world who care about environmental protection together.

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