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Su Huang

Youth Leader,
Jeju International Youth Forum

As a 15-year-old student in Canada, Su Huang hopes to pursue STEM to propel combating social inequalities and injustices through improved access to resources and technology. Her passions extend to international business, global affairs and music.  

Growing up, in elementary school, Su was introduced to the concept of gender. This lesson shattered her belief that gender is defined at birth and marked the beginning of her journey of navigating through social constructs. She replaced each social norm she encountered with a more inclusive perspective, and identified the various social expectations for others, as well as the disadvantage for people who do not identify with the majority. This realization sparked her interest in breaking social barriers and injustices that minority groups face.  

Currently, Su participates in many organizations and activities, including those tackling the aforementioned social issues, while pursuing a wider spectrum of interests individually. In Grade 9, she joined the International Certificate Program. This program allows her to explore different cultures and learn about international issues, helping her become a better global citizen. It has also provided her international speaking opportunities, such as the Jeju International Youth Forum. Additionally, Su pursues her interests in STEM and business through FIRST Robotics. She is the business lead and a mechanical member, focusing on networking, marketing, and production. Furthermore, she develops her knowledge about technology through AP Computer Science, while pursuing greater education in the Pre-IB Programme. 

In the future, Su intends to pursue post-secondary education in STEM, while making a difference in society. She hopes to continue learning and sharing about her field of choice and real-world issues. 

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