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Sofia Lindgren

Future of Justice,
Youth Advocate

Sofia Lindgren embodies an exceptional level of motivation, driven by her unwavering commitment to enhancing the collective welfare of humanity through her deep-rooted passion for justice and the protection of human rights. With this resolve, she fervently aspires to dedicate her future career to the field of law. 

When Sofia was 14 years old, she achieved a significant milestone by winning a local scholarship contest. In this contest, students were encouraged to address a pressing global issue, and Sofia chose the highly sensitive and important topic of sex trafficking. Her insightful and passionate discussion about this pervasive issue earned her well-deserved recognition. Following her success, Sofia’s mother took her to an art show that aimed to raise funds for combating sex trafficking. This experience further ignited Sofia’s determination to make a difference in the lives of victims. Since then, she has been resolute in her commitment to advocating for women’s rights and has been actively seeking opportunities to contribute to the recovery of those affected by sex trafficking.

Sofia is an avid athlete, with unparalleled versatility across various sports and performance arts. With a passion for sports, she displays unrivaled skill and dedication as an invaluable member of both her high school’s esteemed golf and track and field teams. In addition to sports, Sofia’s dedication to classical dance, particularly ballet, and pointe, showcases her artistry and grace. She also actively contributes to her school’s debate team, competing at state-level events that helped enhance her research and communication skills. As an enthusiast for culture and languages, she has embarked on a journey to master not only Italian but also Spanish, with the aspiration of becoming trilingual upon completing high school. 

Sofia’s ambition is to attend Stanford University, her dream school, and pursue a major in criminal psychology or criminal justice. Her passion for both fields stems from a deep desire to understand the complexities of human behavior and contribute to the pursuit of justice. In addition to her major, Sofia is also interested in minoring in ballet studies, which she has been dedicated to since a young age, as well as Italian studies to further immerse herself in the rich culture and language. Beyond her college years, Sofia aspires to gain practical experience by working at a reputable law firm and keep herself committed to advocating for justice and making a positive impact in society. 

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