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Weijie Rex Li

Ottawa Cubing

Rex Li is a Chinese student studying in Canada who solves math problems on a daily basis to help him stay awake. He believes that everything works with logic and his dream is to make the world a better place with his problem solving skills.

Rex moved to Canada when he was in grade 6. In China, he used to be a math class representative who helped other students understand concepts and solve problems. After he came to Canada, he had a difficult time learning English and adapting to the new education system. However, he still managed to maintain his math skills going through the tough times, winning multiple math competitions hosted by the University of Waterloo and achieving top scores on American Math Competition. Therefore, he believes that there are difficult times in life, but working hard will always be rewarded regardless of where he is.  Academically, Rex is a hard-working IB student who made the honor roll throughout his solid academic performance in grade 9. He continuously challenges himself by taking harder courses in grade 10, and trying to get a good grade on all of them. 

Besides academics, Rex also participates in many clubs in school, and most importantly, he is the only grade 10 student who was accepted to be an executive in the math club. Rex is also the driver of the robotics club, and his school’s team achieved the Judge Award on their first time competing. Outside of school, Rex is an instructor of the Auxilium Program, an non-profit organization helping students have better academic achievements, which he feels great about helping others and thinks that it also helps improving himself. Personally, Rex loves playing Rubik’s Cube, and considers it as his best hobby. Besides playing casually during his free time, Rex also participates in official competitions and once achieved top 5. 

Overall, Rex is a really self-motivated person, and he looks forward to attending a world-class university for opportunities in the future where he can achieve his dream of changing the world. 

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