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Liam Tung

Youth Advocate,
Future of Technology

Liam Tung is a 14 year old student from German Swiss International School (GSIS) in Hong Kong who enjoys coding and solving computer science and mathematics related problems. He’s also a guitarist and violinist of the GSIS Y10 band and performs at youth music festivals. 

When he was younger, his parents used to accompany him to go on walks and give out food to the homeless. At that time, he didn't realize the significance of this. When he looks back at these moments, he now sees them as more than spending time with his family. Hong Kong is a city of extremes: nestled amongst gleaming skyscrapers and well-suited professionals are communities whose daily needs are not routinely met. He reflected on how privileged he, Mack and Charlotte are, and how much he takes for granted on a day to day basis. Feeling grateful that he could go to an international school and have a roof over his head, he has now taken the initiative to join the current food kitchen and donation drives at school to carry on the torch from his family tradition and seek ways to create more impact in this area. 

To build a solid foundation for his professional and personal growth, Liam is taking a multi-pronged approach to his learning. At school, his favorite subjects are mathematics, computer science and drama, and he is also upskilling on foreign languages and music through additional learning. Outside of school, he likes to stay active, and you can see him on the squash court, the rowing camp and the hockey field. His time spent playing the guitar and violin is an outlet for his creativity and emotions. Furthermore, he is a hands-on mechanic and builder through his interest in robotics and related activities. 

Despite being a teenager, Liam is committed to forging his own path in impact generation through integrating computer and natural sciences to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change. He believes that building camaraderie amongst his peers is an important step to create momentum for change, and he hopes to inspire and be inspired by those around him to leave a positive footprint.

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