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Fedor Avdeev

Youth Advocate,
Future of Sciences

Fedor Avdeev is a high school student, excelled in science competitions, winning gold at the All-Russian Physics Olympiad and the IJSO. Inspired, he now teaches physics to young enthusiasts, and his areas of interest in global affairs lie at the intersection of climate change, cybersecurity, healthcare and global energy crisis. 


As Fedor was really lackadaisical before 8th grade, he didn’t realize the benefits of working hard. Fedor thought that he would live his life doing the least possible amount of work and spending all the spare time on entertainment like computer games, etc. It all changed when he suddenly started to understand physics and found out that the better you get at something you like doing, the more freedom you get. Fedor got more respect for what he was doing, became interesting to a lot of significant people in this area, which provided him with a lot of new opportunities. This was the most important lesson of Fedor’s life. Now he is working really hard to achieve all of his goals and, by doing so, make his closest people proud.


Currently, Fedor is aiming to demonstrate his leadership in and out of academics. He is now preparing for the IPhO selections - the toughest physics competition there is on the national level in Russia, where around 5 people out of ~40,000 get selected. He also leads a club at school, teaching younger enthusiasts physics and chemistry so that they can follow in the footsteps of the younger Fedor, who won the international Olympiad IJSO (6 people out of ~70,000 get selected to this competition). Moreover, he and his friends started a Multimedia Science Education and Mentorship Platform - JustScience, getting 700+ followers who become more educated everyday using the materials they post online. To gain more lived-in experiences in the real world, he looks forward to his work as a member of Future of Sciences, a UN Foundation youth campaign empowering youth to leverage scientific research and knowledge to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. 


Looking ahead, Fedor has set a goal for his life, which is to realize maximum impact to the world using his abilities as a physics enthusiast. This led Fedor to the fact that he needed to enroll in the most prestigious universities possible in order to hone his skills by studying with some of the best professors in the world, and turn know-how into innovative ideas and solutions. 

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