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Adrianne Cheung

Youth Advocate,
Future of Financial Justice

Based in Hong Kong, Adrianne Cheung is a receptive high-school student interested in subjects like psychology, biology or chemistry. She finds hands-on activities fascinating and entertaining, like working in a lab. Besides these, she enjoys swimming as a sport and musical arts such as piano as a pathway to express her ideas and creativity. 

Whilst attending Primary school, Adrianne, like other children her age, did not have much concept of money, or the idea of expenses. It was difficult for her to understand, with no examples to support her learning. When she advanced to middle school, she gradually learned the costs of her living. Adrianne, seeking to do a project at school on this matter, was required to submit volunteer work. She opted to design a project which donates and distributes necessities to the homeless in Hong Kong. As she put in the hours, she learned about necessary expenses, and how difficult it was to earn and find work in expensive places like Hong Kong. As she realized that the lack of quality education is a contributing factor to poverty, she started to try making small changes by also giving lessons to underprivileged kindergarten children through her schools’ programmes. 

For Adrianne, pursuing an interdisciplinary route to learning is fundamental to achieving the ambitions she has for the future. In terms of academics, Adrianne is currently taking IGCSE and is more passionate about Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Alternatively, she does enjoy the English language. Aside from these subjects, she is also taking math and additional math, German, English literature, economics, music and Chinese. She hopes to achieve high grades in her upcoming exams as a testament of her absorbing the required knowledge. 

To balance out her academic pursuits, Adrianne is also involved in various extracurriculars, some of which are not affiliated with her school. She currently does not have a focus point, but is broadening her experience in hopes of finding one that she enjoys the most. She is involved in Kids4Kids and ImpactHK, which are both charities that support underprivileged communities. She has also applied for the AYP (awards youth programme) which requires her to display dedication to her extracurriculars in hours. She is also a member of her school’s veterinary society, med society and law society, and has participated in the Brown U Summer programme. She aspires to complete a UCLA extended summer course this year. 

As for now, Adrianne has yet to decide what she wants to study. She believes attending a great university will surround her with both diversity and people like her. Her career is still to be decided, but she hopes that it can match her interests in sciences and allow her to help people around her. For Adrianne, there are many ways to create lasting impact through her various commitments, and she looks forward to exploring and realizing them during her high school years.

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