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Ashley Gozali

The PAE Initiative

16 year old Ashley Mya Gozali is from Jakarta, Indonesia and is currently studying in Singapore. She enjoys reading and singing in her free time, and has always had a passion for reducing inequalities within her community and beyond.  

Growing up, the most important lesson that she learned was that you never know what other people are struggling with behind closed doors. Growing up, she has been exposed to many people with different backgrounds, and with the tendency to be “the therapist”, she realized that one can really never judge a book by its cover. From there stemmed the desire to lend a helping hand to others in their times of need. 

Currently in high school, Ashley is undertaking the rigorous IGCSE curriculum and will be continuing with the IB program in her next two years of high school. Some of her most favorite subjects include English Literature and Business Studies as they allow her to explore both the current state of the world, how the world operates in terms of economics and also the history of how our world came to be through literary works and studies. She is excited to embark on a new academic journey while studying Higher Level Psychology in the IB and exploring more on her passion of mental health and behavioral psychology. 

To further solidify her future impact, she has designed a framework to guide her activity selection using the following three main criteria. First, she is guided by a Purpose: whether or not the activity is in line with her values and benefits the community, such as volunteer work or service. Second, she is driven by a sense of Adventure: whether or not the activity can motivate her to try new things and push her beyond her limits of comfort. Third, she is intrinsically motivated by Enjoyment: whether or not she would genuinely enjoy doing these activities and is truly passionate about them in the long run. She believes that if these three points are present, that the activity will lead to personal growth, as she experiences new situations, and will also be important building blocks to her future career. 

In terms of leadership and personal development, she is launching a project, Project Limitless, at LearningPlanet Festival 2023. The project aims to successfully impact the lives of people in need, especially in the fields of education, philanthropy, as well as mental health. 

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