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Suri Chen

Youth Advocate,
Future of Dentistry

Curious, ambitious, and determined, Suri Chen is an involved 15 year old high school student based in Canada. Suri spent most of her childhood rotating between Canada and China with her family, which led to being exposed to two different areas and cultures. As a child, learning Mandarin, English, and French in school was a challenging ride, but will always be one of her most valued experiences.

Ever since she was a little girl, she has had many interests blossoming, with the biggest hobby being basketball. However, basketball is not just a sport for Suri; it’s a powerful way through which she can make new connections and build strong friendships that extend beyond the court. Carrying her passion for basketball when she was a child, she now plays competitively outside and inside of school, traveling around Ontario competing in multiple games, improving her skills, and at the same time doing what she loves. 

But basketball has its downsides as well. Suri had a difficult time dealing with her accidentally chipped teeth during a game. Stuck between quitting or pushing through with basketball, she thankfully stayed, because there are also ups when there are downs! Her accident turned out to be an important turning point that sparked her interest in dentistry. She was impressed by the dental processes and the dentist's skill in fixing her smile while undergoing treatment. 

As Suri's interest in dentistry grew, she realized the importance of oral health for overall well-being and the important role that dentists play in.  Suri flourished in science, attended dental talks, and participated in volunteer dental shadow programs at her local dentist as a result of her newly discovered interest. Her long-term goal is to become a dentist so that she may use her interest for science and compassion to improve the dental health of others.

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