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Shubham Patil


Shubham Patil is an aspiring software engineer interested in full stack development of products that aim to improve or optimize the lives of others.

Growing up, the most important lesson that he learned when he was young was to stay calm and think with his head straight. As a child, he once got lost on the subway. He was with my father and he got off at the wrong station. He saw his dad look at him from the windows of the train, telling him to stay there. He stayed calm and asked someone for their phone to call his dad. It was because he stayed calm and thought calmly that he resolved the problem, which is why he still follows these principles to this day.

Currently, he is heading his own personal coding projects, including a travel startup called Tripley. He is also an officer of his school’s CS Club. He works to introduce new life-changing opportunities for students to break into tech with CodeDay by organizing hackathons around the Bay Area. He also participates in many hackathons throughout the year, and he loves learning new things and experiences by going to them.

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