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Sota Ueno

Executive Committee Member,
Sports Festival

Sota Ueno is a person who can work on things in an inventive way and achieve quality results. His main passions lie in Computer programming which he hopes to pursue as a future career.

One of the biggest events in his life so far has been the entrance exam for junior high school. At the time, he was just forced to study, not voluntarily, because he was still young.

Also, it was not uncommon for him to be jealous of others with good grades because he sometimes could not achieve good results in the weekly tests. In addition, he experienced difficulties in his relationships at school due to his academic problems.

Later, through being accepted to his current school, he learned that just being jealous without trying would not accomplish anything, and that it is important to have room in his mind in order to facilitate relationships.

He is now so interested in computer programming and he often acquires new algorithms and makes his own application to help students in education. At school, he is a member of the aikido club and trains his body and mind in Japanese style. Also, he is a member of the executive committee of the sports festival and he is now gearing up for the festival in May 2023.

He has not decided which college he will attend in the future, but he has a strong desire to major in computer science to engage in computer jobs. His goal is to enrich the lives of people around the world with applications he has created himself.

Sota Ueno: TeamMember
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