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Asset Mukayev

Founder and Developer,

Asset Mukayev is a well-rounded, tenacious, and resolute student who is fond of gaining knowledge and applying it to complex issues. His main interests lie in the fields of programming and engineering.

For nine years, Asset was the head-person of his class. He organized various events, took part in them as a host, and solved school issues with the director. All these developed leadership qualities in him, which are later reflected on his future career.

First and foremost, Asset identifies himself as a hard-working person. He is studying at the National School of Physics and Mathematics, taking extra courses such as AP Computer Science and Calculus BC, as well as A-level Economics, Mathematics, and English Language. Throughout the educational process, he became more disciplined, bringing his school grades to an ideal situation. In addition, Asset excelled in Olympiads: finalist in the National Olympiad in Informatics, first place in School Olympiad, and was a participant of the Kazakhstani team in the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in programming. 

In addition to academic achievements, Asset is actively involved in solving social problems. He created an application “CalorieMeter” that helps a person lose weight by calculating calories, and it was third runner up in the Samsung Innovation Campus competition. Furthermore, he developed a website that allows low-income students to receive distance free education, and Asset’s work ranked top three at the local hackathon. 

In the future, he plans to solve a global problem using programming and STEM, with a focus on economic and technological issues such as Web 3.0 and blockchain. He was inspired by the development of an intelligent vaccine tracking system using blockchain which ensured frictionless distribution of life-saving immunizations around the globe under extreme temperature control, as well as a consumer-centered health tracking application focused on produce and other food meeting satisfactory food safety requirements. Asset aspires to become a techpreneur one day. 

Asset Mukayev: TeamMember
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