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Jeffrey Lin

The EcoHealth Project

Jeffrey Lin is a 16 year old youth advocate in the areas of mental health and well-being, climate change and social inclusion, through his interdisciplinary academic pursuits in biology, chemistry, statistics and neuroscience. 

Entering junior high, he encountered his first experience with mental health, which he recovered and rebounded through learning a most important lesson: how to face everything with optimism. He believes that destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity

Currently in high school, he is the Founder of the Biology Club as well as the Psychology Club. He is also a member of the Basketball varsity team.

Outside of school, Jeffrey enthusiastically engages with the real world in the following two issues: food security and mental health. On the former topic, In the future, this is a threat, and due to over population, food shortage will increase! On the latter, Jeffrey’s friends suffer from mental health issues - including depression, and he is aware that stress from school as well as social and cultural issues exacerbate mental health. 

To scale his impact, he founded The EcoHealth Project, where he aims to provide impoverished children and elders who suffer the autism spectrum disorders an opportunity to recover/alleviate their symptoms. 

Looking ahead, Jeffrey aims to contribute research and pharma development towards drugs as a pathway towards developing more sustainable health and well-being ecosystems. In particular, he would like to concentrate on treatments of depression and stress, one which have less side effects on the patients.

Jeffrey Lin: TeamMember
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