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Chingiz Matanov

Team Leader,
Digital Art Club

Chingiz Matanov is an intellectually curious and aspiring young businessman who aims to become a successful entrepreneur in the tech industry. He is highly motivated and passionate about innovation, and is always seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow.

For him, DragonBall anime is really inspiring and the main character is all about growing up. Goku is that type of guy who actually starts off as a naive and innocent child who knows nothing about the world. And as he grows older he gains more valuable experience and knowledge which shapes his character and values. He faces various challenges and obstacles, emotional and physical, gets over the hardships and builds his spirit, forcing him to become stronger. One of the biggests themes that is constantly shown throughout DragonBall is the fact that an enemy can quickly become a friend. Also setting challenges is all about Goku, striving for more. Chingiz is actually inspired by that character and helped him to grow as a person with the main character. From personal experience Chingiz felt the same things and life lesson from Dragonball is the reason that he forgave not beloved guys and became friends with them. 

He is a participant of regional olympiads. Took part in many school’s sports events and concerts. All this developed him as communicative and active person

Chingiz describes himself as a creative and friendly person. He is studying in the International Arctic School, taking extra courses such as A-level Economics, Mathematics, and English Language. Сonsidering his studies at school all the time, he always dedicate his time to his hobbies, studies and having a great time with his friends and family

He is interested in volunteering, especially helping pets in shelters. Additionally, he is highly involved in sports, all his life he’s been doing sports. Back in primary school, he did judo for 4 years, then he went to competitive swimming for 2 years. And for the past 3 years, he had tried playing team sports such as volleyball and basketball at his school. His biggest love is a sport called calisthenics.

In the future, he's looking forward to becoming an entrepreneur or working in the economics/finance sphere, he’s full of different creative ideas and seeking opportunities to start his own business.Chingiz hopes to express himself in society as an adventurous, shrewd and positive-minded man.

Chingiz Matanov: TeamMember
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