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Ayano Ishibashi

Youth Advocate,
Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Ayano Ishibashi is a student who thrives in the face of uncertainty and builds on these experiences to find her true self. She aims to integrate business with psychology not only to build a successful and sustainable venture, but also to collaborate with her peers to co-design a new blueprint for human-centric prosperity. 

Born in Tokyo, Ayano first attended normal Japanese schools until sixth grade prior to moving to Switzerland, where she spent time at two boarding schools. At that impressionable age, she faced a whirlwind of change: school environment, culture, language and more, and the process has taught her through open communications and constant upskilling can she better connect with her new setting. Meanwhile, her personal vision of her future has changed with the move, and she has seen the value of approaching international engagements with multiple perspectives. 

Moreover, these collective experiences have led to her Interest in psychology, the power of the mind in the face of uncertainty. She is currently taking both business and psychology related subjects at school, where she found something in common which can lead to change in human behavior and shape a better future. Ayano is also taking courses in coding and physics at school, and from an extracurricular perspective, she is working in the student council as well as staying athletic through both badminton and skiing. She recently joined the Systems Change Summit community to seek more partnerships, and she always makes time for her friends when possible. 

For her future, Ayano envisions to carry on the legacy of her grandfather and father, the former being a first-gen entrepreneur. Perhaps influenced by her business family background, she aims to carve her own entrepreneurship journey. She recognized that while the adage of don’t mix business with emotions still holds true, she is aware that emotions will always be a part of consumer decision making. One day, she hopes to balance having a family and a business side by side.

Ayano Ishibashi: TeamMember
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