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Shirlyn Huang


Unafraid to speak her truth, Shirlyn is the founder of YourNarrative, a human rights initiative that believes everyones’ story is worth telling, every opinion worth sharing, and encourages each individual to form their own judgment.  

During the summer of eighth grade, Shirlyn went to a math summer camp. Stepping away from the “one-dimensional” environment around her, her eyes opened to a new world: one where every individual is unique with different opinions and backgrounds, yet all united through a common purpose. Thus, she believes that by sharing, listening, and incorporating ideas only then can society become 3-Dimensional as it once used to be. 

Along with being an activist, Shirlyn engages in various math and Speech and Debate competitions. Through her Dramatic Interpretation, a Speech and Debate event, she hopes to bring awareness to the stories of others and help individuals understand that they are not alone in their struggles.

Following the business major route with YourNarrative, Shirlyn is confidently aiming to unite the world one step at a time, starting by looking from within, sharing her own story, encouraging others to do the same.

What is your narrative?

Shirlyn Huang: TeamMember
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