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Vladislav Prokopiev

Youth Member,
Catalysing Research Institute

Vlad is a committed dreamer with a passion for Physics and Computer Science who believes that justice and understanding are critical to making the world a better place. In the long term, he hopes to become an entrepreneur in the field of innovative technologies to allow people to think more broadly and develop our world.

For him, Ready Player One is a truly inspiring and motivating movie and during the action of the film, we can understand that the future is not as far away as we think. The film tells us the story of dreamers, people who do not see the framework, people who are not afraid to take a step into the unknown. The characters show that it doesn't matter how different you are from others and how much worse you are in their opinion - the main thing is who you really are. One of the main problems of the film is human mundanity, as well as irresponsibility. He has reviewed this film perhaps 9-10 times and each time he was able to draw new conclusions. Gradually growing up, Vlad realized how important it is to have a spark in one’s eyes and even if the whole world is against one, one shall not break.

He is a participant of numerous national and international Olympiads in Physics and Mathematics. He is also a two - time champion of Republican basketball competitions and a two - time winner of city competitions. He led the school processes and was the president of the school for a year.

Vlad describes himself as an honest and kind person. He is studying in the International Arctic School, taking extra courses such as Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Considering his studies at school all the time, he always dedicates his time to hobbies and having a great time with his close friends and family.

He is interested in programming , especially creating social networks and events websites. Additionally, he is highly involved in sports, all his life he’s been doing sports. Back in primary school, he did judo for four years, then he went to football for two years. And for the past three years, he had tried playing team sports such as volleyball and basketball at his school. He also became the captain of the basketball team. His passion is basketball - he can't live without this important part of life.

In the future, he looks forward to becoming an entrepreneur in the field of technology and innovation, he’s full of different ambitious ideas and seeking opportunities to start his own start up. Vlad hopes to express himself in society as a just, thoughtful and honest person.

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