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Namrita Ghani

The Multi-Literary Project

Namrita Ghani s a student based in London, England. She is a teen who strongly believes in social business objectives, and strives to raise more awareness on it.   

Since a young age, Namrita has taken an interest in helping the poor. One of her most memorable and impactful moments was around the age of 9. She and her family were driving through the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, distributing food in boxes to the homeless. It was then she realized that handing out a meal is only a short term solution to the problems facing people in poverty, and something more sustainable would need to be implemented.

During Summer 2022, Namrita interned at Grameen Bank, founded by Professor Yunus. Here, she discovered the world of social business and microfinance. It was the long-term solution that would help people she was looking for. After returning to school, she founded and started a social business club, to help spread and promote its objectives. 

In the future, Namrita thrives to promote social entrepreneurship in the youth - especially in places of poverty. She aims to provide sustainable income to families through social entrepreneurship and the literacy areas required to do so, including but not limited to financial, digital, social and information. 

Namrita Ghani: TeamMember
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