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Vishaal Krishan

Debate 4 All

Vishaal Krishan is a 16-year-old high school student from California, United States. He joined the debate team at his school in sixth grade and immediately found his passion, competing throughout middle school, learning a variety of new skills, and garnering a collection of awards.

Over time, as debate developed into a passion for Vishaal, he came to appreciate the power of the spoken word, especially in today’s ultra-democratized, high-tech public square. In this environment, speech is the great equalizer, and without training, one’s voice is likely to be lost in the sea of content out there. At the same time, Vishaal realized that most schools, especially those in less affluent areas and at the middle school level, did not offer the same access to debate and public speaking to their students as his school did for him. Determined to extend the benefits he received from such programs to as many other young adults as possible, he founded Debate 4 All to supply accessible debate and public speaking resources to the public. 

Debate 4 All uses a combination of social media, workshops, webinars, and school programs to spread awareness regarding the benefits of learning about and participating in debate and public speaking as well as offer opportunities to do both. The organization has amassed a number of followers on social media and is continuing to grow its operations as it expands to new platforms and establishes programs in schools across the globe. Debate 4 All can be visited on Instagram @debate4all_. 

Vishaal’s goal is to help students discover their voices and advocate for themselves through equitable, life-changing resources, regardless of background. He sees the potential in millions of students and hopes to translate it into true results with the assets that can be gained from unrestrained access to effective public speaking and debate resources. 

In his free time, Vishaal enjoys cooking, singing, traveling, and trying new foods. He wants to study political science and economics when in college and is considering going into either law or finance. He hopes to continue empowering and uplifting students through improved education and accessible resources in the future.

Vishaal Krishan: TeamMember
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