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Siyuan Mina Ji

Youth Advocate,
Future of Law

Siyuan Mina Ji is a youth advocate for criminal and environmental law, and aims to pursue an interdisciplinary approach of law, humanities and social sciences to realize this ambition. 

At school, her favorite subject is Legal Studies, because she enjoys learning the legal system, and finding justice for people in need. She has a particular interest in criminal law, and is an advocate for SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. From her perspective, the rule of law is more than about advancing a legal system on a structural basis, but also about safeguarding the legal rights of everyday citizens to ensure access to due process, which leads to the creation of a fair, just and fulfilling society. 

She has a wide ranging set of hobbies, including piano, flute, tennis, badminton and singing. She started to play piano when she was 5 years old. She passed the RCM grade 8 level test, and kept seeking for a higher level skill. She attempted several piano concerts, and started to have her own understanding in Piano. Now, she has the ability to play whatever pieces she wants, and really enjoy and feel the power of piano. For flute, She joined a concert band in school, and played the flute for a long time. She took lessons back in China, and had several performances to help her get to know the beauty of flute. In terms of sports, tennis is the first sport that she first touched with, and started to use her free time to take classes. She took the lessons with her sister, which makes her really enjoy and think tennis is an interesting sport. She usually calls out her friends to have a “game”, and expresses her emotion by running around in the court. For badminton, she always has a passion for playing badminton, so she started to take lessons, and successfully got into the school badminton team. She attempted several badminton games in the provincial for her school, and received achievement from the games. She loves to play badminton with her friends every Friday, and use her free time to practice her skills. She enjoys the power and energy of badminton from what it brings to her.

During her free time, she always spends time playing with her siblings, such as playing badminton and playing games. She has a really close relationship with her siblings: they can have their own secrets, and love to share their own story to each other. 

In the future, Mina aims to connect with real world organizations, particularly those advocating and advancing economic and social equity, to gain hands-on knowledge and experience.

Siyuan Mina Ji: TeamMember
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