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Aaron Li

Founder, 1000+ Holes of Golf
Founder, Bake to Delight

Driven by a deep sense of curiosity to get to the fundamentals of subjects, Aaron Li passionately pursues academic and personal goals. He demonstrates perseverance, critical thinking, and collaborative work while learning and contributing, across his favorite subjects from math, physics, and computer science to French baking, golf, chess, and piano.

Aaron’s been passionately pursuing math since a young age. He appreciates the logic and to a greater extent the beauty, complexity, and elegance in mathematics. Having exhausted the most rigorous math classes at school, Aaron engages with high enthusiasm in various math activities including independent research, competitions, and self-initiated research. He is an active member and leader of his school's math / Chess / Computer Science Clubs, leading lectures and competition preparation lessons as well as creating original problems.

Two of Aaron’s favorite activities are golf and baking. An avid baker and cook, Aaron has a medium that allows him to express his ideas through the combination of precise baking and artistic cooking. Through a series of golf volunteering activities, including coaching at the First Tee, He gets greatly inspired and grow determined to contribute to community changes through his passion and skills. With a goal to bring concrete impact to local neighborhoods, Aaron puts together non-profit organizations around his passions: 1000+ Holes Of Golf and Bake to Delight

Through 1000+Holes of Golf, a youth-led fund-raising platform, Aaron along with the team he assembled raised over $6000 towards benefitting the Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation (FCCF). Bake to Delight strives to affect social change through the power of food and the spirit of service propelled by Aaron’s love of baking. The organization delivers free homemade baked goods and workshops as a means of feeding children and seniors, connecting communities, and providing sustained civic support. Aaron has been working with local organizations including YMCA, Women and Children Support Centers, and Substance Treatment Centers, making monthly deliveries of over 200 baked goods to these organizations. NJPGA Junior Tour, NJ News 12, and Livingston Life, have kindly reported the initiatives by 1000+ Holes Of Golf and Bake To Delight. Aaron is grateful for being part of the uplifting efforts to connect and lift communities through my love of baking.

Aaron aspires to become a researcher and educator in the field of mathematics. It is intriguing to see how math has played essential roles in shaping civilization. He intends to engage in original research, and beyond pure research, he is dedicated to finding practical solutions that turn innovative research and ideas into tangible improvements in people’s lives.

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