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Xintong Xie

Learning Planet Festival

Xintong Tong is a determined and resilient person. She loves math, physics, and especially astrophysics, and she is willing to devote her time and effort to her passion.

She came across the idea of “universe” when she was reading an encyclopedia at the age of four. The mysterious and dimensionless space awed her. Xintong was greatly intrigued by the amount of possibilities present in the universe, and thus decided to study how the universe functions.

Xintong is now a high school student who takes math, physics and economics as her main courses. She has studied a number of AP courses, namely microeconomics, mechanics, and computer sciences, to make herself more compatible for future studies. She has also engaged in a number of online courses given by Cornell and Stanford focusing on statistics, number theory, linear algebra and a number of other topics. She is passionate about sciences and wants to use her knowledge to make the world a better place. She has recently also, representing Systems Change Summit, co-organized the conference at Learning Planet Festival - a total of 250 students from 30+ countries attended to co-design STEM-based innovation for people and for planet. 

Looking into the future, Xintong plans to major in Math, Physics or Astrophysics when she enters university. She plans to study until she obtains her PhD degrees, after which she will devote herself in scientific research.

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