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Ngan Kim Ngu

Youth Member,
Active Love

Ngan Kim Ngu is a high school student based in Vietnam, and she places a strong emphasis on life balance, wellness and self-care. She is interested in the fields of business and marketing, and one day aims to become a social entrepreneur creating systems change in the areas of health and well-being. 

All growing up stories for Kim are all meaningful, but there is an exceptional one which she cherishes the most, as this one taught her to learn how to be a disciplined and responsible person. When she was young, her mother always reminded her to be responsible for health and wellness, and this builds a strong foundation for future learning. She observed that encouraging the balance of physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being is her major life goal after all. Building her own community with a focus on business and wellness is essential for maintaining balance and a healthy lifestyle, and she looks forward to reaching this goal.

Kim takes an ambitious pathway towards her academic learnings through both IGCSE and IBDP curriculum. For the former, she is taking mathematics, enterprise, English as first language, art, Vietnamese, and Chinese as second language. For the latter, she is deepening her knowledge through math AA, English B, economics, business, physics and Vietnamese. Appreciating the importance of experiential learning, she has chosen a wide ranging spectrum of extracurricular activities, including being a member of Active Love, a charity club in school, taking online university level courses such as Introduction to Marketing, completing immersive summer program in Business Management in Australia, and staying physically active through basketball and boxing. 

During her free time, Kim spends most of her time with her family in Can Tho, her hometown city. When the family travels to any place, she likes to plan and organize all of the activities to guide her family members to the best place. With friends, most of the time after school, she eats and hangs out with them to relieve all of the stress during school. During weekends, she also joins them at larger-scale events like a concert or a musical show. 

In the future, Kim aims to enter university to continue learning about finance and marketing in order to drive the positive chance she wants to see. At the same time, she seeks to take an interdisciplinary approach of social sciences and impact to scale social impact in key areas most meaningful to her.

Ngan Kim Ngu: TeamMember
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