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Junhao Wu

The SEED Framework

Junhao Wu is a 16 year old youth enthusiast in environmental sciences and engineering, and he also goes by Johnny. His interests include climate research, game development and mathematics, and he has co-founded a few initiatives, in and out of school, to realize impact in these passion areas. 

In high school, he demonstrates a commitment to experience-based learning, for himself as well as his classmates. He is the founder and the head producer of Froztim, a rhythm game that makes people aware of the environment by reading the story behind the adventure of the protagonist, as well as playing it. To further accelerate his impact, he attended The Ricci Young Scholars, a Jiangsu-New York Youth Cultural Exchange Project, aiming at facilitating climate-related collaborations with the support of One Trillion Trees (, a World Economic Forum initiative). To better prepare for his future ambitions, he designed the  SEED Framework, an initiative focused on creating smart and effective solutions for Sustainable Environmental Engineering Design. The Society has three main pillars: Research, Innovation and Resilience. 

At university and beyond, he would like to devote himself to gaining practical knowledge and experience at the intersection of environmental engineering, biodiversity remediation and computer science, in order to make Earth a better living place for all of humanity.

Junhao Wu: TeamMember
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