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Annie Xu

Youth Advocate,
Mental Health and Well-Being

Annie Xu is an adventurous explorer who seeks to challenge her limits whenever an opportunity is discovered. She strives to improve the world with her passion for psychology and education. 

Annie was born and raised in China, and moved to the U.S. when she was in fourth grade. She was surprised by the significant distinction in education systems and classroom ethos. Her firsthand experience on the cultural differences between two countries establishes her interest in psychology, about the effect of the environment on a person's world views. As Annie familiarized herself with the U.S. environment, she discovered the beauty of mountains and began her journey as a skier. She skied almost every weekend of the ski season, for she relished the feeling of her skis cutting across the snow and "soaring" above the clouds. Her love for skiing, which required Annie to push the limits of her body and courage, built her venturesome and ambitious nature.

Currently, Annie is a ski racer who can be found on the mountains at least four days a week, but she is also a full-time high school student. As a high school sophomore who constantly experiences pressure from herself, her family, and her society, Annie understands the destructiveness of such fretting environments to one's mental well-being. Caring about people's well-being, Annie hopes to create a product that assists one through difficult times by providing a method for those to vent their repressed emotions.

In the future, Annie plans to attend a university that offers a great psychology program and has a campus location that satisfies her desire for skiing. She wishes to push her potential to help everyone achieve his/her/their best selves.

Annie Xu: TeamMember
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