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Santa Doi

Team Leader,
Digital Art Club

Santa Doi was born in Japan and is now a high school student based in Singapore. His interests are in the areas of digital art, nature conservation and computer science. He enjoys swimming, conducting beach clean-ups and volunteering for various causes. 

His favorite grown up story is that his mother and 2nd school teachers have taught him that failure is not the big issue, and that taking a step is more important than doing nothing. Before he had heard of the word, he was afraid of taking a step forward, because at the first school that he has gone to, teachers have been mad when he made a simple mistake and he felt that he should always be perfect. However, he has often written nothing on the worksheet because he was afraid of failing. That vicious cycle made him full of stress and his grades were terrible. When he changed schools, his mother and teachers in new school told him that “The worst result is to do nothing, and showing the result and effort is way much better, even though one makes a mistake.” He was shocked at that time but gradually, he knew that each person would make a huge mistake, and this made him more motivated to study. In the end, he has learned that showing an effort to study by learning through his errors can be acceptable, and his grades have gradually improved overtime with this new mindset. 

At school, Santa pursues a wide spectrum of activities to address his portfolio of interests. Academically, his favorite subjects are anatomy and background art, micro economics and global perspective, and he is keen on enhancing his computer science profile through undertaking college-level research. In terms of his extracurriculars, he is a key team member of the Digital Art Club as well as Cool Down Studio, where he and his classmates engage in game design and character development. He is also entering app development, and web design currently working on a station structure map app. One of his key accomplishments is in competitive swimming, where Santa was awarded the most developed swimmer in the school team. In the near future, he aims to engage with new initiatives such as contributing to Nature Club as well as serving as editor of the school yearbook. 

Looking ahead, Santa aims to pursue a future in bridging innovation in arts, business and  technology. First, during university, he aims to equip himself with the necessary subject-level knowledge as well as building his network. Upon graduation, he seeks to make a real world impact in the technology space. 

Santa Doi: TeamMember
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