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Vittorio Nazzi


Vittorio Nazzi is an 18 year old gap year student who founded non-profit Parlocontigo to bridge communities via his international volunteering connections, and simultaneously help small businesses become more environmentally cognizant through the employment of his ESG frameworks.

Vittorio is an international nomad, and as a result he is deeply tied to his family. He is an avid sports lover, compassionate volunteer, rising entrepreneur, and passionate about delving into sustainable economics in developing countries.

Vittorio moved away from Italy at age 6, and turned 7 in Belgrade soon after. Attending a British school without speaking any English was tough, but after 2-3 months he began to find a purpose and started to settle in. He learned a valuable lesson: difficulties will always be present, but it’s about how they are approached. Ever since, he always tries to take a calm and relaxed approach to challenges, and it works as a big competitive advantage. 

Vittorio currently volunteers at a mental health rehabilitation facility where he mentors adults with past drug abuse, and teaches them both Italian and english. He creates team-building drills, and empowers his patients with tools they can use in the outside world. Vittorio is also an intern at PLANE Uganda, and writes poems for children in Uganda, specifically about human rights and the environment to spread awareness about environmental responsibility. Lastly, founded his non profit Parlocontigo, which has two purposes. The first is to connect international students from all over the world, and offer them volunteering opportunities (partnered with seven organizations that need volunteers) in the hopes of not only helping those in need, but also connecting the international students to their community and other communities. The second aim is to help small businesses become more sustainable and environmentally cognizant, and he tailors the ESG framework that he has designed, based on the needs and wants of the businesses. 

Vittorio hopes to attend a great university for several reasons. He wants to have the tools to access incredible professors, research opportunities, and facilities in order to bolster his research on sustainable developments in developing countries. He also wants to foster a network of hungry and passionate individuals with whom he can connect to develop further ideas to create impact, and also potentially start businesses down the line. 

Vittorio Nazzi: TeamMember
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