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Viraj Aggarwal

Memory Mate

Viraj Aggarwal is an ambitious student of robotics and mathematics who seeks to

optimise learning through memory and cognitive enhancement. Viraj is not

simply a student with outstanding memory, but one who channels his passion for

memory to help others improve their cognitive abilities.

At the age of three, Viraj moved countries from the United States to India. He was very nervous at the time, and he was told that he kept running to the door in the apartment in Mumbai, and kept saying “Home! Let's go home!” When he was a child, he enjoyed reading stories to himself. His favourite subject was, and still is, mathematics. He enjoyed coding as well, and he was enthusiastic to attend numerous workshops about coding. 

While in secondary school, with weekly training sessions, he enjoys participating and preparing for memory championships, and working on improving and maximising his memory. He founded Memory Mate in order to present memory-enhancing strategies as well as the best ways to learn. For Viraj, more understanding would occur because fewer ideas would enter our brain's recesses and travel there. In fact, memory is much more than just being able to recall a list of names or the ranking of a deck of cards. The power of memory goes much further than that: one’s memories help to define who one is. 

He particularly enjoys his physics and economics classes. He also enjoys learning Spanish, and has studied the language both inside and outside school. He enjoys being a part of the Space Settlement Design Competition School Team, as well as being the co-founder of the Space Club at school. A global issue he wants to tackle is awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. After his grandfather was affected by the disease, he has taken an interest to another level by working with a local organisation called the ARDSI. To promote social impact within his community, he volunteers at a differently-abled school by teaching students there mathematics. 

Viraj is inclined towards the fields of mathematics and computer science in college. As a STEM enthusiast who enjoys improving his memory, he would love to continue his current passions. In the future, he would like to be recognised for his honesty and strong work ethic that he feels is a part of his life today.

Viraj Aggarwal: TeamMember
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