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Thomas Van Pul

PYTA, Yourfitzone and Bread (Fr)

“I’m sure we humans can make a bigger impact out there in the stars.”

Thomas is focused creating, and empowering his peers to do the same, on intergenerational, interdisciplinary and international impact.

As Founder of PYTA, Yourfitzone, Bread (Fr), leader of the penang duathlon and cycling team, he has always enjoyed the role of leadership since he was young, and continues to grow his projects in various ways. 

Originally born in China, Thomas is fluent in both Mandarin and English, a solid combination of languages. He first started off his interest in website and application building in the lower years, taking online courses like machine learning and python. 

“The motivation of being able to transfer my physical ideas to virtual space really kept me going”

Currently, he hosts two website forums of which are all programmed off of WIX, a facebook forum of more than a thousand people for competitive training in running, and other small social media platforms for physical or virtual events.

Although his mind wasn’t built up on the university he’s willing to attend, he could see a great future in astronomy and astrophysics. He’s fascinated by the current space industry and is looking forward to applying for internships in these large firms.

Thomas Van Pul: TeamMember
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