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Thanakorn (Gunn) Vajirakachorn

Youth Advocate,
Future of Biology

Thanakorn Vajirakachorn is a person who will always give his fullest to anything he sets his mind to, and shows great determination for his passions. His love for both Biology and the environment inspire him to want to make a difference in the world.

Gunn was born in Bangkok, Thailand and has lived there ever since. He is fortunate to have supportive parents, and thus enrolled in international schools since Pre-K, thus making him trilingual, being fluent in English, Thai, and Mandarin. Gunn’s mother always provided him with unconditional love, care, and support, and she was the reason he was able to be so successful in his academics and his life thus far. His mother’s life lessons and advice inspired him to help the people around him. One of the most important things he learnt from his mother was, “At the very least, try. It’s better to try something rather than to miss out on the opportunity entirely. There’s always a chance.” This caused a naturally nervous and anxious Gunn to start trying out new things, for example, getting elected into Student Council, getting into MUN, etc.

Only recently did Gunn learn about his love for Biology. Prior to this, he was very lost and was extremely unsure on what to do in the future. However, his newfound love for Biology got his gears turning, to see what he could do in his life. One day, Gunn and his mother were discussing a project that Gunn could do that combines his love for Biology, his love for the environment, and his passion to fight for equality and for people. Then, Gunn thought of a small project he did in 5th grade for his IB PYP Exhibition. He researched renewable energy, and found a village around Central Thailand. He established a connection with the village chief, who was knowledgeable about the environment, but more importantly, saving it. Gunn learnt about all sorts of renewable energy methods, like solar panels, and biogas balloons. Upon remembering this, he wanted to assist this village even more. He wanted to find a way to improve the quality of life of the people in the village, and started to brainstorm ideas that would allow him to succeed in his mission. Gunn’s project is currently under development.

Moreover, as previously mentioned, Gunn does very well in his academics. Gunn is currently enrolled in the Accelerated Math course at his school, and is already taking an IB course (IB Mandarin B SL) in Grade 10. Gunn plans to continue his studies in the IB Diploma program, where he will be studying Biology, Mathematics, Mandarin, English, Chemistry, and Environmental Science in order to pursue his intended major of Biology. Apart from his academics, he is involved in many extracurricular activities. He plays golf, and he is involved in some school clubs such as MUN, Habitat for Humanity, and GSA. Gunn has chaired and attended a few conferences in his MUN journey, and so far has won one Best Delegate award. He has gone on service trips for Habitat for Humanity, strengthening his love for helping the community through painting playgrounds for children. Gunn is the treasurer of the Gender and Sexuality Awareness Committee (GSA), and has planned and arranged multiple fundraisers within his school. Gunn is also part of the student council, and has been part of the student council in three schools.

Gunn’s dream is to attend one of the top universities in his list, and plans to study Biochemistry or Bioengineering in college. He wants to develop entrepreneurial skills in order to evolve his project into an organization that can assist people and deliver on his mission on a global scale.

Thanakorn Vajirakachorn: TeamMember
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