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Suad Karimov

Youth Venture Lab

Suad Karimov is a 17 year old advocate for youth empowerment through innovation entrepreneurship, and he is the Founder of Youth Venture Lab. He would describe himself as a caring person while also being hardworking and athletic. He would also add how a funny and goofy person he can be around his family and friends. 

Growing up, Suad had only one goal in life - which was to be a winner. At first, this helped him a lot as he became the most competitive person, not knowing what it's like to lose. During his first international school competition, his team won every match possible until the final. Their egos and hopes were crushed by another school where they lost terribly, not scoring even a point. This taught him a completely new lesson as all of the wins do not always come with hard work. The smart work required to win is mandatory and so is rebounding from failures. Learning from one’s mistakes makes an impact on future competitions and even on life, as a successful life is full of wins and otherwise. Learning how to convert a loss to a future win is the key to long-term success.

At high school, basketball is definitely one of his favourite activities. He has dedicated his whole high school life to playing this game and to be honest, he enjoyed it the most. With all of the competitions he has been in, he has won a lot of medals as well as trophies. More importantly, with this track record, his leadership skills in propelling his team to victory after victory is his biggest gain. Throughout his studies, he gained significant interest in globalisation and politics while also combining them with biology. Poverty and world hunger always made him worry about the situation in the world and he is inspired to at least solve them in any way he could help. Additionally, as his passions grew, he found himself constantly innovating towards solutions which can one day deliver systemic change to these problems. He is one of two Azeri delegates and speaker at Global YOUNGA Forum 2022, and is an Impact Awardee by Better Together Foundation. 

For Suad, the more he learns and experiences, the better his growth outlook. Trying out new things has always been a goal of his. From trying out new food and places to doing things out of his comfort zone has been amazing. The one thing he would wanna try is skydiving - for him, this extreme and at the same time fun experience seems enticing. Although this might be more of an action type of activity, he would love to participate in a real-life conference somewhere exotic he has never visited. For Suad, he diversity and representatives from all over the world coming together to solve a problem are astonishing. 

Suad Karimov: TeamMember
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