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Nafisa Fatihazzahra

MOF(ue) Technology

Nafisa Fatihazzahra is a 15 year old secondary school student based in Jakarta, and she is an aspiring entrepreneur in the areas of food systems and agriculture, sustainable city development and smart environmental management.   

Growing up, Nafisa has learned through various real world experiences. One such moment is her engagement with the national OLKA (Al Azhar Olympic and Competency) Competition when she was 12. While performing well in the speech and storytelling sections, she made a mistake during the competition by forgetting the crucial part of it and didn’t realize it until she was informed of it after. From this experience, she learned a few valuable values and lessons, including not to underestimate something just because it appears easy and need to be more careful when doing something.

In high school, Nafisa continues her self-reflective journey to achieve her professional and personal growth. As a leader of the student council subdivision, she gained the skills of fostering many peer-to-peer projects and partnerships with other members. She also learned how to manage her time better and how to balance her school work and outside of school work. 

Furthermore, she also learned not to act in a selfish capacity, respect the rules and cherish the times and opportunities presented because some opportunities and moments do not come twice. Other than that, she also learned how to create an event from zero by creating the plans and making a list of what would be needed. 

In addition to her school leadership engagements, she also won a gold medal after entering a research competition with her friends, with environment as the topic. For this competition, they have created a design that allows the users to recycle masks into fuel that will help the environment called MOF(ue) Technology. This shows her persistence while working, either alone or with companions. She is actively curating a photography portfolio of nature through her travels, and she is committed to volunteer work across various environmental service projects. She is a proud owner of 7 cats whom she adopted. 

In the future, Nafisa aims to tackle global problems related to socio-economic inequalities, mental health and environmental conservation through innovation and entrepreneurship.  

Nafisa Fatihazzahra: TeamMember
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