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Lucy Ruley

International Business Alliance

Lucy Ruley is a 17 year old high school student. Ever since she was little, her goal has been to have a career at the intersection of intelligence and international business. Witnessing the global and national impact of corruption and selfishness from people in power, she strives to do whatever is in her power to change this reality, from both a social and economic perspective. 

Ever since she can remember, she has been exposed to many different cultures from numerous countries.  When she transferred to an Indian school, she didn't know the language and she would fail classes because of it. However, she was fortunate to have found a friend who helped her: she taught her Hindi by just pointing at things and making her say what it was in Hindi. She even gave her candy when she said the words correctly. Because of her, she didn't get discouraged from learning Hindi, and she was able to communicate with other classmates and teachers. She realized that she wants to be that kind of person, a person that takes the time and explains difficult concepts or even languages. Today, she teaches Japanese to younger kids in her area. She started four years ago, during freshman year in high school.

Now in her graduating year, she has reflected on both her strengths and passions, and her plan will be to major in International Business. She believes in the importance of gaining real world experience to gain a better understanding of business and a stronger grasp on the financial parts of international trade, especially from the data and intelligence perspectives. She has interned in multiple International corporations, both in Japan and the United States, to see the difference in how they operate. In addition, for her extracurricular activities, she is the captain of the varsity tennis team, a member of the finance club, the Red Cross club, and is also active in the Chemistry Olympiad.

When she enters a world-class university in the future,  she aspires to be better educated on the global economy and what her plan would be for the future. Her life journey so far has taught her it takes an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach to create impact, and she is confident that she will find her place in the world and help others to the best of her abilities.

Lucy Ruley: TeamMember
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