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Katherine Wang

Mind the Gap

Katherine Wang is a teen advocate, who through her passion in dance, her skills in event organisation and her commitment in philanthropy, empower her community to collectively collaborate towards addressing and resolving the issues of income inequalities, climate change and mental health. She is the Founder of Mind the Gap. 

One of her most recent experiences which reshaped her life perspective was during the first Covid-19 lockdown when she truly felt the effects of racism and hate against Asians. Her younger sister and her would go out for walks and through this she was verbally berated, people ran away from us, and we were even spat on. All this was inflicted upon her for something she could not change nor control: her race. These acts of hatred have changed how she behaves towards strangers, truly embodying the idea of ‘kindness is free’. 


She spends much of her free time dancing. She currently holds the position of house dance captain and she uses this role to aid younger girls in stepping out of their comfort zones and trying different dance styles in hopes they will also find the same joy and freedom from it as I do. She is also house charity representative where she spends her time working together with the school, other charity representatives and boarding houses to organise charity events such as bake sales to raise money for school charities: One Can Trust, Rape Crisis, and Ripple Africa. 

In attending a great university, she hopes to gain a range of experiences from meeting a wider spread of people, to acquiring knowledge that will fuel her towards great opportunities, and leading to her being able to make the change in society that will hopefully benefit us all. This is demonstrated in her founding Mind the Gap, an initiative focused on fostering intergenerational upskilling on key mental health issues. She aims to combine her interest in politics and social sciences to make a difference in areas she is passionate about.

Katherine Wang: TeamMember
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