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Imran Kostoev


Imran Kostoev is a sporty MMA fighter with passions for service and self-improvement who believes that overcoming laziness and motivating others to push themselves is critical to making the world a better place. Key problems he would like to address include food security, cybersecurity and corruption. 


From a young age, Imran is very focused on the future of innovation. We have plenty of lessons to learn from the way that the world’s great innovators – from Henry Ford through to Steve Jobs – have developed the ideas that have shaped the Internet age, and a robust theory and process of innovation is a key component of how they succeeded.


That is why Imran is advocating so strongly for innovation: not because it’s the latest buzzword, but because it’s a vital key to reaching this generation of young people – and adults too for that matter. Borrowing from the kind of thinking that is currently shaping our world, and empowered by the x-factor element that even Apple can’t lay claim to – the endless future readiness of the youth generation – we can innovate an exciting new future for collective society, and most importantly for an emerging generation of young people.


Currently, he is working on a project developing a new sensor system named TempSense for his school to upgrade the measurement of environmental impact. The sensors give the temperature of each classroom in order to help regulate energy usage - leading to a better carbon footprint - and then create a database to keep track of the data. This way, all students can support in raising awareness of potential issues affecting the environment as well as the ambiance of the school. From a practical perspective, this prevents students from falling sick due to temperature changes, as well as recommendations for suitable attire to preserve health and well-being.  


In the long term, he hopes to become a leading programmer at a major tech company in order to advance his technical skills and progress in his career. The world is changing – fast – every single day, and he would like to ensure this digital change will lead to rapid and widespread positive impact on society. 

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