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Andrew Xu

LMI^Q Project

Andrew Xu is a 16 year old student based in Vancouver, Canada. He has a passion for chess, mathematics and science, and he aims to utilize these skills to tackle the global issues of quality education, social equality and health and well-being.  

His favorite growing up story was learning how to do many different household chores, such as cooking, and cleaning - to fulfill a sense of duty to the family. During this process, one of the biggest lessons which he learned was to always remain open minded to new ideas, which can not only help complete his tasks more effectively and efficiently, but also help him apply what he learns at school to real world situations, such as participating in group projects in extracurricular activities, and to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility in all things he does.  

In high school, his favorite academic activities are mathematics, biology and chemistry. As mentioned, his favorite extracurricular activities include chess and saxophone. For chess, he finds it amusing and he enjoys finding solutions to difficult problems over the board. He also enjoys the game because it gets him thinking in a systematic manner and gets his brain activated. 

Based on his experience, he believes integrating Logic-Mathematical and Intrapersonal Intelligence (the foundation of LMI^Q Project) can be the gateway for him and his peers to create impact towards a better world through three pillars: i) education: educating his peers on chess and the skills one can learn through this “game of kings”, ii) equality: designing logical rules which can help bring equality and equilibrium to society, and iii) enlivenment: inspiring more holistic health and well-being through engaging with strategy-based hobbies. 

Looking forward, he would like to go into either a medical-related field of study or an economics and business field of study. Just like how chess is a game of logic, rules and discipline, which forms the foundation of a sustainable society, he aspires to bring a little more certainty and brightness into the world through his ventures. 

Andrew Xu: TeamMember
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